In the meantime ...

Aug 24, 2012

As I´ve just recently written, I´m now very close to getting my own place here in Copenhagen ... Looking back at my photo-stream since the move lots of great things has happened already!

So without further adieu, here´s a little stream of moments from the last few months :)

There ya go! 140m2 into 9m3 - Easy :)A new home

Packed up the house and got a new appartment!

Så ved vi at det bliver godt!Jeppe doing magic

Been eating and having a good time with friends and colleagues.

Morten ... Proud!Good food ... Good company

Been drinking and having an even better time with the same people :)

No caption needed!Position Sunday ... All Sunday long!

Been at the beach and chilled out at my friends place.

1) Hard work!You know you want one!

Obviously I´ve been at work as well.

Stella Polaris 2012

Checked out the culture in Copenhagen.

The spontaneous Nanny

Went on a spontaneous trip to Stockholm :)

A naturalWhenever someone points a camera at me I'm like ... Whaassssaaap!

Been babysitting my friends fantastic daughter.

MazeEr jeg den eneste det har en lidt anden forestilling af en

RAW!People's day out today!

Seen lots of random and awesome things and places in general.


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