Responsive one-page web designs

Aug 27, 2012

Sometime it seems like the most exciting thing about having a blog, for me at least, is to actually "create" it and not so much to write on it ...

I love to checkout new ways of developing, adding new functionalities and trying out 3rd party APIs ... but actually, I really enjoy the designing part o_O — Yeah, really. A developer with a secret love for design :)

What really gets me going these days are those responsive one-page designs. I´ve been snooping around for a while, and here are some the most awesome I came around.

Fab web design

Portfolio of Fabrizio Michels @

Design and Code

Portforlio of Nick Jones @

knock knock


Digital Hands

Online Brand Communication @

Italian WebDesign

Raffaele Leone Portfolio @

Soul digital

Digital Agency @


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