Routines ... What´s that really all about?

Apr 20, 2013

I´m a pretty heavy morning routined person ... and I´ve never really thought much of it — Have you?

In my past life I´ve usually had the mornings to myself. I was working from home and I had to be ready in front of the computer for the 9am morning meeting — I had a routine. I usually got up at 7.30am, went straight for the coffee machine, had a cup and a cigaret, read a few news or blogs and checked out the selected social medias. Before I knew it it was time for a bath and soon after work was starting.

Even when I moved to Copenhagen and started living by my self I took that routine with me, now I only have to get out the door 20 to 9 in order to be at the morning meeting — but the things I do in the morning are basically the same.

Then something happened ... The last two weeks I´ve been thrown out of my routine, and the other morning I ended up in a situation where I could do non of the things I usually do — Basically I had no Internet, TV or other media to consume in the morning, I was left to, well — just myself ... No way, how sad you might think :p I know, but really, when is the last time you´ve had hours where you had nothing to do and nowhere to be ... Maybe just an hour to you self and no plans? And more important, what did you (decide) do with that time?

My first instinct was that I could might as well just go early to work, but then I started thinking ... what is it about these routines, why do we have them? Why is it that I have the urge to fill every vacant moment doing something? Why is it that I don´t take more time to just do nothing? Am I afraid that if I don´t do something with all my time it would be wasted? Is what I´ve usually been doing actually useful for me?

I didn't come to any conclusions that morning and actually still haven´t — I just found it curious that I finally realized that I´ve been a slave to a routine and all that it took to shake me was ... nothing.

Do you have a routine? And why?


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